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Our wines


Composition: A blend of Grenache (25 %) and Nielluciù (75 %)
Vinification: De-stemming and crushing. Fermentation for 15 to 20 days between 25 and 30 degrees. Daily pumping over. Aged in barrels for 1 year after malolactic fermentation.
Appearance: Deep ruby red in colour with purple glints.

Nose: Fruity, red fruits with a woody undertone
In the mouth: The Clos Paoili red is a powerful wine, versatile with a good length. A lovely sensation in the mouth with masterful tannins that accentuate the red fruit flavours. A hearty wine which is perfect with red meats, game and strong cheeses.
Alcohol: 13°


Composition : A blend of Grenache (75 %) and Niellucciù (25 %)
Vinification : Direct bleeding, cold settling. Fermentation is at a temperature of between 17 and 20 degrees. Aged in stainless steel tanks on fine lees.
Appearance: Clear pink with glints of translucent orange

Nose : Powerful, vinous, mineral, iodized
In the mouth: The Clos Paoli rosé is a fresh wine with finesse that works well as an aperitif as well as a good accompaniment to white meats. Its light citrus notes (tangerine, grapefruit) provide a nice balance to this dashing and feminine wine. A smooth texture with a lingering fruity flavour. Wonderfully refreshing!
Alcohol: 13°


Composition : 100 % Vermentinu
Vinification : Maceration on the skins for around 12 hours, pressing and thermo-regulated vinification. Aged in barrels with stirring on fine lees.
Appearance: Glistening white gold with green glints

Nose : Rich and jammy, yellow fruits
In the mouth : Clos Paoli white wine is a good accompaniment to fish, seafoods and langoustines. In the mouth the wine displays a roundness and acidity and gives a refreshing finish. It possesses all the qualities that make a great white wine.
Alcohol: 13°


Composition : 100 % Muscat Petits Grains
Vinification : Harvested by hand during the second half of September the grapes are dried using traditional techniques, (dried on the terraces of the family home). After a week-long skin maceration, the temperature-controlled fermentation continues for ten days. Then, to stop the process, there is a gentle mutage, adding alcohol to fortify the wine. The wine is stored in new (oak) barrels for a year which allows the classic aromas of this Muscat from the Cap Corse to develop.
Appearance: A lovely, intense yellowy gold colour

Nose: Powerful on dried apricots. Honey notes. All subtle aromas.
In the mouth : Smooth, ample and delicate. A sweet attack with delicate aromas and notes of candied apricots and honey come together to create this ideal fortified wine aperitif. Perfect with foie gras, its beautiful intensity and smoothness make a delicious combination! Not to be missed!
Alcohol: 16°

CLOS PAOLI Impassitu

Composition : 100 % Vermentinu
Vinification : A traditional wine from Cap Corse. L’Impassitu is a fortified wine which takes a great level of skill and patience to produce. The grapes are harvested by hand and spread out for drying in the sun for about two weeks on the terraces of the family home. Pressed and vinified, the grapes produce a nectar that will then spend 10 years in oak casks filled to ¾ full to allow the wine to oxidize naturally.
Appearance: A wonderful amber colour with a rare intensity

Nose: Nuts, figs, preserved fruits
In the mouth : L'Impassitu is a sweet wine whose flavours are worthy of the time spent in barrels: walnuts, figs, rancio ... A slight bitter aftertaste is surprising and pleasantly refreshes for the discerning palate. This nectar is produced in small quantities (500 bottles per year) and is a favourite among wine lovers. Drink as an aperitif, with foie gras or with a chocolate dessert, it will certainly delight your taste buds!
Alcohol: 15°


Composition : Grenache, Niellucciù, Aleatico
Vinification : These vines, as with l’Impassitu, are dried on the terraces of the family home at the beginning of October. It is produced in the “tinazzi” traditions, (large open wooden tubs). After an oxidization and maceration that lasts for about 3 days, the wine is put into barrels and stored for 10 years.
Appearance: Deep ruby red

Nose: Wonderful aromas of prunes in eau de vie
In the mouth: This is a classic product from Morsiglia le Rappu which was first produced by monks in the convent dating back to the 15th century. This is a red fortified wine. There are rich macerated forest fruit aromas, plums and eau de vie flavours. This taste sensation is fabulous whether you’re discovering for the first time or you’re already familiar with the wine. Serve chilled as an aperitif or with a dessert with vanilla ice cream.
Alcohol: 15°