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Clos Paoli

Clos Paoli is a small vineyard of 4 hectares in the Morsiglia commune, located on the west side of Cap Corse swept along by the Libecciu wind.

The vineyard is made up of 5 plots: Tora, Stanti, Mucchietta, Pozzu and Spartita, all planted on the hillside.
The vines enjoy a sunny climate and gentle slopes which help prevent water stagnation at the foot of vines during the autumn rains and the vines plunging into the sea. With natural ventilation, the vines are exceptionally healthy. The last Phylloxera epidemic was around 1900!
Our wine-making methods bring modern and traditional techniques together: Thermostatically controlled stainless steel vats, barrels and oak casks as well as the family home terraces used to dry the Muscat, Rappu and Impassitu grapes using a technique passed down through generations, (passerillage).
As our plots enjoy full sun exposure, sea sprays and careful attention we give to each vine, as only a small producer can afford to do, we offer a range of wines that we really hope you’ll enjoy…